Broken Pipeline

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An unprecedented five consecutive years of stagnant funding for the National Institutes of Health is putting America at risk–slowing the pace of medical advances, risking the future health of Americans, discouraging our best and brightest researchers, and threatening America’s global leadership in biomedical research. Unfortunately, President Bush’s budget proposal recommends a sixth year of flat funding for the NIH in 2009.
On March 11, 2008, a group of seven concerned academic research institutions, released a new report–A Broken Pipeline? Flat Funding of the NIH Puts a Generation of Science at Risk ( –warning that America stands to lose a generation of young researchers and the cures they could discover if current NIH funding trends continue. The report features the voices of 12 junior researchers from institutions across the country who, despite their exceptional qualifications and noteworthy research, attest to the funding difficulties they and their peers are experiencing. Such difficulties, they say, are negatively impacting their work as well as science in general, and causing many young scientists to abandon academic research.


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