How to talk to rightwing suckers

Some people only know the language of power. They see conciliation and compromise as weakness. Show strength. If they are sissies hiding behind machismo, slam them hard. You have nothing to lose. Some will convert and come to your side. Some will go cower in the corner. None will hang around risking your anger for very long.
Sometimes, profanity is the only appropriate language:

“On a related note, fearing that we face a whole new level of bullshit about which we will, and should, be visibly angry, and preparing myself thusly, comments and emails composed specifically to tell me to stop using bad language or to start being less aggressive, less hostile, less antagonistic, less bitchy, less arrogant, less belligerent, less vitriolic, less nasty, less acerbic, or less of a poopyhead, are as welcome as any other, but I feel obligated to inform all potential authors of such missives that they are, however, a waste of time. If I get my facts wrong, let me know. If you don’t like my tone, tough. At this bus stop in the blogosphere, I’m Queen Cunt of Fuck Mountain, and I’m mean for a reason. Once we get our country back on the right track, there will plenty of time for nursery rhymes.”

3 responses to “How to talk to rightwing suckers

  1. That is some beautiful prose!

  2. At this bus stop in the blogosphere, I’m Queen Cunt of Fuck Mountain, and I’m mean for a reason.

    PhysioProf’s in love!!

  3. You have nothing to lose.
    Now, just where is that ChiCom SKS I brought home as a war trophy. With a little cleaning and a few more rounds, I can join the fellows in clearing our land of those pesky &%*$’s.
    Yup, I don’t need to pay attention to no stinkin’ decades of social science research that purports to prove the opposite approach works much more effectively. So what if 4000 are already dead. We need to show our resolve!
    You guys are with me, Right?
    Now, you guys go on ahead. The metal still left in my body from the last time I did this is acting up a bit. I’ll be along shortly.