PZ in Chapel Hill

Well, well, well, I went to my office this morning and, just as I got my coffee, opened up the laptop and logged in, who walks in? PZ Myers! What a surprise.
So, we chatted some. He thought that PLoS ONE should be the place to have all the Intelligent Design papers published. Since it is Open Access, everyone could see for themselves how foolish those “papers” really are and he can send the Pharyngulites to post thousands of comments. I thought that would be pretty poor framing for PLoS, though.
Anyway, I asked the barista to take a picture of us (under the fold):

Whoa! What happened!
PZ was sitting right there, I swear! And the camera shows….nothing! Empty space! It was, I am convinced, the ghost of PZ!
Then I did what every blogger does and checked Google and realized that PZ was, at the time, in Oklahoma! Oh, and at the same time, he was in London, at the HQ of Nature, receiving a long deserved rectification of history.
So, how many PZs there are in the world? And which one is real!

5 responses to “PZ in Chapel Hill

  1. I love PZ, but one of us is missing something on the whole framing issue.
    To me, “framing” means explaining things accurately in a way that laymen can understand, and focusing those explinations on issues that are relevant and important to the average person.
    So in my mind, “framing” is just a fancy word for “good teaching” or “convincing argumentation”
    I’m probably the one that’s wrong, though. PZ is a pretty smart cookie.

  2. Perhaps I am wrong and that really was PZ but the barista has supernatural powers and erased his image from the picture!

  3. The answer is obvious! PZ is a vampire! Everyone knows that their images isn’t reflected in mirrors or captured in cameras. The photo on his blog must be from before he became a vampire. This also explains how he can appear in so many places at the same time. He just uses his vampiric powers. That is also how he controls his followers, its his horde of undead minions. You are probably next! Keep lots of garlic in your pockets and don’t walk outside at night!

  4. I know I had the real PZ. The Trophy Wife (TM) was there too. Proof on my blag. She appears to also be going by a different surname AND a different last name, though.

  5. PZ crashed my lab meeting this morning.
    Go figure.