Talk on cognitive and motivational differences between liberals and conservatives

From the Science Communication Consortium:

“Ten Lessons from the Political Psychology”
A talk by John Jost
The Center for Science Writings
Stevens Institute of Technology
October 29, 4:00pm, Babbio Center Room 122
Jost is an authority on the “cognitive and motivational differences between liberals and conservatives,” the “social and psychological consequences of supporting the status quo, especially the members of disadvantaged groups”, and other topics relevant to the upcoming election.

I wish I could go to this….I have previously mentioned one of his interesting papers – The Secret Lives of Liberals and Conservatives: Personality Profiles, Interaction Styles, and the Things They Leave Behind (pdf)


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  3. Matt Hussein Platte

    Well, why are you not going? Somebody needs to go. In my opinion there are few things more crucial than understanding how the RNC delegates “tick” (sorry). Would $50 help get you there? How about Prof. Steve Steve; can he make it?

  4. I wish I could go, too.
    I also wish I could be apart of the SCC. Any recommendations on how I could get involved?

  5. Hi Bora! Thanks for helping us get the word out 🙂
    Anyone that would like to be involved in the SCC is welcome to check out our homepage at Currently, our events are limited to the NYC area but we have written summaries of past events and a podcast of our panel discussion last April, all available online.
    I’d also encourage you to take our short survey, via the link on our website, to let us know what online resources you’d like to see us incorporate during this upcoming year.