Pinch me, am I dreaming?

Do we really have a new President? After eight dreary years, it’s hard to believe it’s possible. But here is the video documentation – it seems to be true!

10 responses to “Pinch me, am I dreaming?

  1. Interesting how the world suddenly looks like a better place.

  2. “But here is the video documentation – it seems to be true!”
    Bah! You call that evidence? I’ll bet you even believe in the moon landing.

  3. Yup, I walked around in the snow today and everyone has a new spring in their step.
    ….there was no moon landing? Really?

  4. Reality is sometimes are stranger than fiction… in this case better than dreams 😀 😀 😀
    I am proud and happy!

  5. It is true. Now the hard work begins. Crap.
    I wanted Obama to wave a magic wand and make things better. What a great day, though, eh?

  6. I am just excited that he actually mentioned science in his speech. WOOT!

  7. Science, statistics and non-believers. That must be a first in US inaugural addresses!

  8. Oy, but he has work to do. No longer will I complain about the hideous complications hiding in my inbox.

  9. Yes we have, because yes we can! 🙂
    My eyes were wet when he mentioned the “non-believers” also being a part of this country. Finally.

  10. Man, what a great day it is today! The whole world seems a little less scary!