The Malaria Song

Jennifer, one of Miss Baker’s students, wrote a blog post about Malaria and, for that occasion, she also wrote and composed a song, then she filmed herself singing it and posted the video on YouTube:

Not your grandparents’ Biology class….


8 responses to “The Malaria Song

  1. Bravo Jennifer! Simply beautiful.
    (Is Miss Baker accepting post-bacs?)

  2. This is great! I LOVE it!

  3. Richard Tren, director of Africa Fighting Malaria will be my guest on News Talk Online on at 5 PM New York time Tuesday March 3.
    Please go to http// to talk to him.

  4. Oops sorry. That’s (Can’t spell my own name!)

  5. Nice to see someone try this. Seems to be a theme lately!
    Have to say, though, that I really wish there were an option to place the lyrics on the screens for people’s whose hearing is less than perfect. Not her fault, just what I get for having a hearing loss.

  6. You can find the lyrics to her song over on her blog!

  7. Beautiful! let’s twitt it (@novoseek)

  8. Great!
    With your great inspiration on your students, Miss Baker, you are my idol 🙂