Interview at Nature Network

Caryn Shechtman, one of the two bloggers at the New York blog and manager of the New York City Hub at Nature Network, called me up last week and interviewed me for the blog. The interview – on a range of topics, but mostly about blogging – is now published and you can read it here.

3 responses to “Interview at Nature Network

  1. You lead a colourful life, Coturnix!
    Great interview. But when you mentioned about slowing down on blogging, I got a cold shill up my spine.

  2. Does it look like I am slowing down? With Twitter, FriendFeed and posting on everyONE in addition to this blog, I say my output is even greater (in quantity, if not quality).

  3. Oh no, it’s clear you haven’t slowed down overall communication. I just meant if new platforms came up, and you migrated away from blogging specifically I’d miss your posts here.
    Mostly my fear of seeing blogs morph into something new and strange (probably awesome) I can’t imagine quite yet. Of course I would likely move along too and not notice.