Tweetlinks, 10-26-09

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Swine flu parties: I doubt anyone is that dumb, but I’ve been surprised before
Run, do not walk, to register for ScienceOnline2010
A PhD is not a 9-to-5
Wowd – a Real-Time search engine of ‘what’s popular’. Interesting….
RT @Bex_Walton: Images related to #PLoS ONE spider study in the NYT; 3rd story in 3 weeks: Science in Pictures: Spider Glue and Kinky Nanowires
Time to Register for ScienceOnline2010!
Genomics of Emerging Infectious Disease and Will genomics help prevent the next pandemic? and Will genomics help prevent the next pandemic? and Scientists say genomics research essential to preventing next pandemic.
At Slate, small is the new big – ‘Editor David Plotz sees a future with a smaller, highly engaged audience for the online magazine’
ScienceOnline 2010: geobloggers required
Only 5 days left till the end of the DonorsChoose action.
Looking for something to do Jan 15-17th?
A Natural Obsession: “Organic foods are exploding in popularity. But fears of biotechnology–and a widespread mistrust of science–won’t help efforts to create a truly sustainable agriculture.”
If you are looking for journalists to follow on Twitter, check out these lists
The Part Of Social Media That Freaks Out Freelance Writers
Barack Obama Boosts Testosterone and Republican Losers Have Lower Testosterone.
In Search of an Optimal Peer Review System
Science enters the age of Web 2.0 – Mendeley, Cameron Neylon, and Google Wave in the BBC.

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