ScienceOnline2010 – introducing the participants

It is getting really close! You can see everyone who’s registered for the conference, and I need to do only a couple of more of these posts to introduce everyone.
David Shiffman is a graduate student at the College of Charleston in South Carolina studying shark conservation. He blogs on Southern Fried Science and tweets. At the conference, David will do an Ignite talk “The Online Community Environmental Action Network: How it can help you and your blog – WhySharksMatter”.
Katie Lord is the Associate Publisher of American Scientist, the popular science magazine published by Sigma Xi.
Andre Blackman is the Health Communications Analyst at RTI International. He blogs on Pulse + Signal and tweets.
Ann Allen is a Copy Editor and books page editor at the Charlotte Observer.
Princess Ojiaku is a Biology graduate student at NC Central University. She blogs on Science with Moxie and tweets.
Karyn Hede is a freelance science and medical writer and consultant in Chapel Hill. She teaches at UNC and has authored the book ‘Moving On: Managing Career Transitions‘.

3 responses to “ScienceOnline2010 – introducing the participants

  1. I looked around on the wiki a bit, but may have missed it — are there any plans for doing webcasts or the like so those online can participate (or at least view) the conference remotely? Seems like ScienceOnline conferences could (should?) be the trendsetter on this front.
    Looks like fun, wish I could go.

  2. All sessions (but one) will be recorded and placed on YouTube. 40% of the sessions will be livestreamed on Ustream and in Second Life. Not on the wiki yet – though I blogged and tweeted about this a number of times already – but I will put the info up there tonight once I have exact URLs for the Ustream channel and the SecondLife address for all the livestreamed sessions.

  3. Awesome! Thanks.