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Another incredibly busy day…..though Carnal Carnival is on schedule for late tonight, a couple of hours after the midnight deadline….

The late night musings of a young and inexperienced science writer

Four Stone Hearth #99: The last two-digit edition

Grad Student Carnival: the zomg grad school!!!1 carnival

Free Journals Grow Amid Ongoing Debate

The Continuum of Membership, or Professional Belonging (The Third Article of Rapid News Awards, An Explanatory Series)

Sacrifice on the Serengeti – A Guest Post by Eric M Johnson

Before You Start a Hospital Blog

The Origins of Small Number Representation and Numbers on the Brain: Neurobiology of Mathematics

What to do about overproduction of PhDs?

Media Skills for Scientists

Scientists With Data Agree…A Deepwater Oil Plume Exists in the Gulf

What Does ‘P vs. NP’ Mean for the Rest of Us?

Beehive development

Is CAPTCHA Vulnerable to Economics?

The Nicest Thing I’ll Ever Write about the Creationist Museum

What to do when visiting Chicago?

Does Vader ever get that sciencey feeling?

Elasmotherium and the mysterious case of the massive horn

How the ‘terror bird’ tore its prey

Jay Rosen in Oz: Horse-Race Journalism an ‘International Phenom’

Moo-ve over, FarmVille. A new(s) game could be coming to town.

The Secret Lives of Sponges Revealed: Introducing Dr. Sally Leys!

Mendeley and the ecology of science

It’s Official: Nomenclature Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

I need pom poms. STAT.

Wescott’s Wednesday Round Up: Best of the science blogs.

Online news: not depressing

Three more days to get ‘Songs From the Science Frontier’


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