Rebooting The News, on science blogging and media

Rebooting The News, the cannot-miss weekly podcast about the current state and the future of media, hosted by Dave Winer and Jay Rosen, will have special guests this coming Monday at 10am EDT – Arikia Millikan and myself. The topic will be the current state of science blogging and science journalism. I hope you tune in on Monday at 10, and if you miss it, the podcasts are recorded and will be available shortly after at the homepage.


2 responses to “Rebooting The News, on science blogging and media

  1. Follow @davewiner @jayrosen_nyu @arikia and/or @BoraZ to get the URL for the livestream tomorrow (Monday, Aug.23rd) morning before 10am. Otherwise wait for the podcast to be uploaded on the Rebooting The News homepage.

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