Best of August 2010

I posted 82 times in August.

The two most important posts are about the changes in the science blogging ecosystem, its rapid diversification, and how new networks are (and should be) built: Links ‘n’ Thoughts on emerging science blogging networks and Branding Science Blogging: Cooperatives + Corporate Networks.

The science blogging ecosystem is rapidly reorganizing, with bloggers moving from one URL to another at a breath-taking pace, e.g., Terra Sigillata has moved!.

There were two new networks announced in August: Welcome Scientopia, a new science blogging network and Introducing The Guardian Science Blogging Network.

And all of that needs to be organized in some way – thus we put together a website that can help you get your daily snapshots of the science blogosphere: Drumroll, please! Introducing:

I hosted two blog carnivals last month: Grand Rounds Vol. 6 No. 49 – a conference in a tropical island resort and Carnal Carnival #1 – Essentials of Elimination (Carnal Carnival is a new thing, which I explained here).

I did some actual science blogging as well – Food goes through a rabbit twice. Think what that means! and a do-over of an ancient post: Postscript to Pittendrigh’s Pet Project – Phototaxis, Photoperiodism and Precise Projectile Parabolas of Pilobolus on Pasture Poop.

A brief musing: Why republish an old blog post?

A very personal post: Origins of Science Writers…but am I one?

Continuing with the series of interviews (all collected here, and there are more to come), here is the ScienceOnline2010 interview with Helene Andrews-Polymenis.

I did a podcast: Rebooting The News, on science blogging and media.

It was my sixth blogiversary in August.

After a summer break, the Fall looks like it is full of travel again. To keep up, check out my Tentative conference schedule for Fall 2010

Work-wise, I announced the July 2010 PLoS ONE Blog Pick of the Month.

Finally, I reposted my BIO101 lecture series, asking the readers to fact-check the material and make it better:
BIO101 – Biology and the Scientific Method
BIO101 – Cell Structure
BIO101 – Protein Synthesis: Transcription and Translation
BIO101 – Cell-Cell Interactions
BIO101 – Cell Division and DNA Replication
BIO101 – From Two Cells To Many: Cell Differentiation and Embryonic Development
BIO101 – From Genes To Traits: How Genotype Affects Phenotype
BIO101 – From Genes To Species: A Primer on Evolution
BIO101 – What Creatures Do: Animal Behavior
BIO101 – Organisms In Time and Space: Ecology
BIO101 – Origin of Biological Diversity
BIO101 – Evolution of Biological Diversity
BIO101 – Current Biological Diversity
BIO101 – Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
BIO101 – Physiology: Regulation and Control
BIO101 – Physiology: Coordinated Response