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Intently watching #solo10 hashtag on Twitter….join me, or read these links instead:

Science Online London 2010 Conference Programme

Taking science journalism ‘upstream’

What should health journalists (and bloggers) be expected to know?

The Scientist and the Journalist Can Be Friends

New: Science-Artists feed

Change of Shift: Vol. 5, Number 5

51st edition of the Festival of the Trees

What’s the sound of yellow ochre?

Worms for brains: Can genes point the way to the cerebral cortex’s common ancestor with marine annelids?

This museum display comparing mammoths, mastodons,…

Here’s Something You Don’t Want To Know

An Opthamologist on Mars

Email’s Dark Side: 10 Psychology Studies

Fascination with Forensics

Why visualise data?

Spider chat up lines

…give a dog a bad name, and shoot him

The difference between being religious and being a believer

Stimulating quasi-erotic excitement through organic structure determination

Fragrance Overload?

The Allotrope: Science Online London

But Science Doesn’t Work That Way : Miller and Chomsky (1963)

I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen?


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