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Long weekend in the USA, thus plenty of time to read:

Rebooting Science Journalism 2: Rebooting Harder

THE FaceBook for science is dead: What’s next?

What would scholarly communications look like if we invented it today?

Finding people to aggregate with

7 Questions with… Eric M. Johnson

A Message To The Sciency Elite: Step Out Of The Lab And Into The Real World

Latest from the PLoGsters!

About My Job: The Scientist

This Week in Review: USA Today gets a mobile makeover, Twitter and trust, and a paywall’s ad struggles

Moonstruck primates: Owl monkeys need moonlight as much as a biological clock for nocturnal activity and Moonstruck Primates: Owl Monkeys (Aotus) Need Moonlight for Nocturnal Activity in Their Natural Environment

Photoperiodic diapause under the control of circadian clock genes in an insect and Circadian clock genes, ovarian development and diapause


Circus of the Spineless #54

WHY TRUST A REPORTER? What science writers are looking for and why it behooves you to answer their calls.

No easy way to be free

My E. coli brother’s keeper

Feeding off of Feedback

The tools of the trade

Do I gossip?

Sex at Dawn

Complexity Swag

Looking for support for a sabbatical, grad student, postdoc, or meeting? Next deadline Dec.1 at NESCent

Infrastructure in Iraq

What is a cell?

Cameron Neylon on practical steps toward open science

The Conversation: Successful Grant Writing, part I and The Conversation, Successful Grant Writing Part II

What happens when you teach monkeys to use money?

New cooperation theory has major Mommy issues

Open Foo: sharing practice, social movement and technology

Trying to predict the future, one stat at a time

When science fiction and computer science meet

Jaron Lanier vs. history and the singularitarians

When is it a good idea to cheat?

Vote for a Merging of Science and Everyday Life

Archaeology 101: Chronology, or, How Can I Get A Date?

There’s a hole in my spacetime! Or a string, or a wall…

Social Cliques and Old Boys Clubs in Wild Chimpanzees

Montessorium: Old School Meets New School

Navigating the History of Science Blogosphere

Monster pythons of the Everglades: Inside Nature’s Giants series 2, part II

The new Miocene sperm whale Leviathan is now Livyatan

Cladogram Lab Activity

Spitting with a segmented brain

How bacteria die

The Charles Prize (with Tomato) Is Coming Soon

The heat is on

Mother’s milk… and Dad’s too

The Anthro Reader, Vol. 5

Probing the atmospheres of extrasolar planets

Ex Nihilo

Reflections on the First Ant Genomes

My Office in My Handbag: The iPad as a Serious Work Tool and A Letter For You…

The Difference between the Exxon and BP Spills? Dollars and Photoshop…

Human, quadruped: Uner Tan Syndrome, part 1

Solar system may be older than we thought

10 back-to-school projects for citizen scientists

Amazingly Awesome, Circadian Innovations: The Hair Follicle

Better Posters: Poster Venn and More power! The poster with a plug

Peer review pariah

Your new blog network for today

The secret history of psychedelic psychiatry

Q & A: Longshot co-founder Alexis Madrigal

Public Health 101: Ten Great Achievements

On science blogs this week: Embryos and evolution

On beauty, sex and evolution

Violence: Not in My Job Description

Friday Weird Science: Beery Bladders

Students in the sandbox – developing professionals?


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