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Science Online London 2010: Index Of Blog Posts, Videos, Photos And Stuff

Engaging people online – Science Online 2010

Science Online: Bloggers, Commenters and the Reputation Game

Wild Haired Scientists Online

Science Online: Cultures Clash over Infographics

Dissemination and Science On-line #solo10

Nice to meet your big idea – the Unconference concept

David Sloan Wilson: Open Letter to Richard Dawkins: Why Are You Still In Denial About Group Selection? and What Does It Mean for a Theory to Function as an Accounting Method?

Blog Focus: Hallucinogenic drugs in Modern Medicine and Mental Health

If a Working Paper Falls in the Wilderness and a Journalist Hears About It, Is that Worse? and Yes.

Science-Artists Feed: the list

Review: The Selfish Genius

Flipboard: PLoS BLOGs on the iPad

2 legs good, 4 legs better: Uner Tan Syndrome, part 2

The Haystack and ScriptPhD on Pfizer’s ‘More Than Medication’ adverts

Why the young get a bad press

Veterinary fact of the day: changing the face of large animal medicine

Crater Makers (also see: The Mighty Ant-Lion)

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test: A critical look at the world’s most popular psychological metric, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Analogy Watch: Hydrogen Bonding

Pseudovariety in Soft Drinks

‘Smells Like Mass Extinction’ – Deconstructing Bad Universe

Jay Rosen in Paris, J-Schools in America, and a Global Struggle for the Next Press

A genetic window on marsupial evolution

Are ‘heavy media multitaskers’ really heavy media multitaskers?

PZ Myers: Rarely have I been so thoroughly misconstrued


Worst. Evaluation Scheme. EVER.

Opening of the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center in Los Angeles in conjunction with Pink Lotus Breast Center

Unmeasurable Science

Choosing Soul Over Mind: Praying on Rosh HaShanah poses a challenge to a devoted Jew for whom god is not on a throne.

Wired towns edge out big cities

Arthropod Roundup (mutant lobsters, beehives, phylogenetics, super-organisms, pupation, and more)


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