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Thank you all for the wonderful response to yesterday’s good news – here in the blog comments, on Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, by e-mail and in person. It was a busy and overwhelming and happy day – also our 18th wedding anniversary! The job starts on Monday, and I will give you updates as I go, whenever there is something to update you on.

In the meantime, a lot of other people wrote interesting stuff online so I will not be remiss in my duty sending you out to all those great articles – under the fold:

Scientific American Appoints Three New Editors and Science blog networks now officially kudzu-esque and Exciting times ahead for Bora and Wired launches a science blog network and Science blog networks flowchart (PDF) and So, who the heck is still on ScienceBlogs anyways!? and Wired Science Blog Network Launches! and Wired Science Blog Network Launches! and Sex bomb and In which I notice a trend and Women in science blogging.

Social media and science

The giant’s shoulders: September 2010 edition

Four Stone Hearth #101 – The Phoenix Edition

Science Communication Breakdown (I Got Something I Think You Oughtta Know)

Light and Darkness: How to Sleep

Privatizing Peer Review — The PubCred Proposal and When Solutions Take On a Life of Their Own

Etats-Unis: un réseau mondial de blogs scientifiques, enfin respectés

Kanye West, media cyborg

Dying for a Drug Company

Can’t lose what you never had

The real Facebook burglaries story

The nature of time in the geologic record

Tactical Voting in Plurality Elections

What’s the big deal with Nowak, Tarnita, and Wilson?

Running Rats and Cocaine

Female snails in Australia are just happy to see you and Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) Testis Regresses during the Reproductive Season at Nearshore Sites in the Florida Keys

The Myth of Monogamy

How to learn how to spay a dog, part 1: Basic skills

Stopping Antidepressants: Not So Fast

Compulsive hoarding versus OCD

Bacterial Lightbulbs and Bacterial Lightbulb

Spiky cells betray parasite’s origins

Designer Foods

Possibly the first ever photos of a live Bothrolycus ater. Or: a test of how much information exists on a really obscure snake.

Poison Ivy

The Reports of Our Incineration Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The Criminalized Body

When is self-plagiarism ok? and I do the best imitation of myself

Peruvian Coffee: Matching Consumption With Production

Beauty in Flowchart Form

Taking Science to Where the Peeps Are: NFL Football!

What I wish I knew before… I moved to London for university

Too Little, Too Much, or Just Right?

How do we know…? Where we are in the Galaxy

An uneven hail of bullets

Stress and….your gallbladder?

Why millions of deaths can be “just” a statistic…

Flipless rock flipping

Saving Wild Tigers Cheaply, With Apple’s Help?

The Charles Prize for Poetry, 2010

William Whewell: A man of many talents.

There will be blood. And barf.

Hobbit Continuity Error

Searching twitter for science related topics; best strategies? favorite searches?

Now about that filter… ( how cool to give a talk right after Clay Shirky and riff off…)

Why nsfw will keep thriving on the private web

The Myth of Pure Experience

What keeps mutualists honest—cake, or death?

Jellyfish Capsule Hotel

How to prevent disease 101

Sort of a review of Cognitive Surplus

Ornilux Mikado: Bird-Protection Glass Inspired by Spider Webs

Meet space: Ovulation, revolution and online collusion (podcast)

The experimental nose-itching relation (cartoon)

Could a geocentrist even screw in a lightbulb?

Twitter as broadcast: What #newtwitter might mean for networked journalism

Not ‘knowledge of,’ but ‘acquaintance with.’ Why I hate public radio’s Marketplace.

‘Rational’ Referees May Hurt The Peer Review Process.

Let’s Stop Publishing Research Papers

Obese, but Metabolically-Healthy: Lower Risk of Mortality? (Series Pt 3/5) and Obese, but metabolically healthy: Is weight loss detrimental? (Series Pt 4/5)

Expanding Diversity

paidContent’s Rafat Ali Describes Grim View of Online News’ Prospects

The New Twitter.com Is a ‘Consumption Environment.’ Translation: Twitter Is a (Reluctant) Media Company.

Can scientists really learn from Get-It-Done-Guy?

The “Me at the Center” Expectation — A New Consumer Mindset and What It Might Portend

Starting From the Mobile Web — An Argument for Rethinking Deployments to Reach People

Periodic Tabloid – A Scientific Fairy Tale

The Astronaut’s Manicure

And a new Science Blog is born…SouthernPlayalisticEvolutionMusic

Customer With Child

Are Distractible People More Creative?

Google Cleans Up Its Act — and Erases My Identity

Twilight novels ‘could be altering the brain’

Where’s the oil? On the Gulf floor, scientists say

Caricature and Likeness

5 Pretentionist Statements

Foundation uses gaming to inspire rad R&D thinking


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