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Busy time – last night Anton Zuiker and I got together and did some work on ScienceOnline2011. This morning I taught my BIO101 Lab. But I did manage to read some good stuff online in-between: here are the links.

Melody Dye & Jason Goldman on BHTV (or watch directly on the site – I cannot embed it into a WordPress.com blog)

No one cares about your blog (part 1)

Santa Claus and The Grid

Martina vs Chrissy

Billy Bragg and R.E.M. fans/players need to meet Daniel Earwicker

Pre-publishing peer review

Spicy food and collectivism: How the brain shapes culture

3-Million-Year-Old Whale Unearthed at the San Diego Zoo

The Tea Party as a Cargo Cult

The Nature of Science

Pencil Point Sculpture

Scientists trump popstars as role models for girls

November Gallery will feature Elephants!

I and the Bird #134: A Birder’s Library

Q&A with biologist Bruce Kirchoff

A Nobel Prize-winning Biologist Shares His Skepticism about Systems Biology

Plan the perfect murder with the nocebo effect

Big Girls Don’t Cry – But They Do Run For President

Steve Jobs In Email Pissing Match with College Journalism Student

We Only Trust Experts If They Agree With Us

The Calculus of Committee Composition

Genetic Determinants of Time Perception Mediated by the Serotonergic System

Variability in Echolocation Call Intensity in a Community of Horseshoe Bats: A Role for Resource Partitioning or Communication?

Earthquake – myths: The terrible Fenris Wolf

Predicting Epidemics via Social Networks: An Author Spotlight on James H. Fowler and Nicholas A. Christakis

So, yeah, cheers!

The wind began to switch / The house, to pitch * (tornado in NYC)

framing economics

Earth scientist heads for stint as radio reporter

Brain Amoebas. Organ Transplants. Brrr.

4 new artworks in my ‘Ocean Invasion’ series

I’m Not Only the Red Club President, I’m a Client

The shape of things

Analogy Watch: Gravitational Lensing

Clouds Are Shaped by Where They’re From

RTP Week Ahead, September 19-25 – MythBusters, MarketingMondays, UNC Science Expo…SO much this week!

Guest Posts on PLoS Blogs

Password advice from the father of the firewall

Friday Weird Science: The Vomit Comet

Would anyone like to help me choose a conference hotel for the weekend?

RTP puts Robotics FIRST and NC FIRST Robotics (Part 1) and NC FIRST Robotics at RTP HQ

Female role in gaming industry grows

Classic trilobite: referencing, gazing and Mitochondrial Eve

Darwinius Strikes Back

Everyday gripes of a journal editor, part 94: why can’t people cite online references properly?

Report from the Field: A View from the Operating Room in Kisumu

Science Cafe: Growth in NC – Smart or Not Smart?

This Week in Review: J-schools as R&D labs, a big news consumption shift, and what becomes of RSS

Can Videogames Be Journalism?

Berry Go Round Submission Deadline

Obese, but Metabolically Healthy: Is Weight Loss Beneficial? (Series Pt 5/5)

Marmots Benefit from Climate Change?

Is Moral Psychology About Morals Or Their Function?

Heat Capacity in Biology 101

A Rapid, Strong, and Convergent Genetic Response to Urban Habitat Fragmentation in Four Divergent and Widespread Vertebrates

Phenotypic Plasticity in Response to the Social Environment: Effects of Density and Sex Ratio on Mating Behaviour Following Ecotype Divergence

Frail Hypotheses in Evolutionary Biology

Women in chemistry blogging – lookin’ good, CENtral Science

Working as a phone-sex dominatrix is a lot simpler than being on a college faculty

Best American Science Writing 2010 Is Out!

Delays of any length are damaging to stem cell research

Change of Shift: Vol. 5, Number 6

On eve of EPA hearings, scientists sample lake for coal-ash toxins

Is your child a ‘prehomosexual’? Forecasting adult sexual orientation

A Brazilian Titanosaur and the Future of Dinosaur Infographics

Starting a reading list for Goobledygook

‘Eggcorn’ makes the OED

The IACUC Chair

Cool improvements to the iPad PLoS Reader 2.0

Depression’s wiring diagram

Video analysis on an iPhone

Cost to save the world’s tigers: $10,000 each per year (or just pennies a day!)

A spider web that spans rivers made from the world’s toughest biological material

Fishing for fat: why learning to use tools is worth it for the New Caledonian crow

Hollow Bones

Tick Tock: Rods Help Set Internal Clocks, Johns Hopkins Biologist Says

Congratulations to Bora (thank you!)

Obama announces new initiatives to advance STEM education

The Carnal Carnial #2

Sound Bytes: Tips For Life Science Marketing & Social Media 9/16/2010

The Very Last Thing I’ll Write About Twitter

Seattle Times Describes Difficulty in Getting Huskies iPhone App Approved

Wescott’s weekly round-up of science blogs. Cockroach brains, ew.

Join the Facebook page for Wellness & Writing Connections

Change the equation: Scientific American joins White House effort to boost U.S. science, tech and math skills

Women in science blogging

Your PhD: A Nipple on the Surface of Human Knowledge


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