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Busy day, and also preparing Berry Go Round for early tomorrow. These links should hold you over until then:

On Criticism of ACS and C&EN

Why I am Not a Journalist: A True Story

Genetically inserted insecticide contaminates U.S. waterways

Only you can help prevent firefly extinction

Giraffes – Necks for food or necks for sex?

Evolution Author Richard Dawkins to Speak at Duke Oct. 3

Q&A with Fiona Morgan on the state of Triangle media

Asbestos saga proves our feeble press watchdog has no bark and no bite

I’m only cheating cause my body TELLS me to

A Good Idea for a Vid Promo for Good Ideas

How a Fungus Makes a Jet Stream to Carry Spores Abroad

Money, Volunteers, Money, Patch, and Money and Observations from Block by Block, a community news summit and Taking It to the Next Level and Block by Block: Imagining the Sequel(s)

Make The Revolution – ‘Gladwell thinks social networks don’t have political impact. Well, what about the Maker Party?’

The Best Science Websites — 2010

Waste water not wasted

Forever Young, Scientific American Gets New Look at Age 165 and Scientific American Introduces New Features And Look

How To Survive When Your Elevator Plunges

First sunlight since half a year

Gunman on the loose UT Campus Austin TX

How Primary Care Heals Health Disparities

Actress Emma Thompson attacks use of sloppy language

Welcome to Grand Rounds, year 7!

Water Use in Southwest Heads for a Day of Reckoning

Peculiar human sex differences and The difference between blogs and doodles

Putting Lines on a Map

Wood-destroyer sequenced

Get Fuzzy on the Extinction of the Dinosaurs

An Open Letter: To the Awesome Speaker

Why don’t you just pay them more?

If low serotonin levels aren’t responsible for depression, what is?

Anthropologist Shannon Lee Dawdy – 2010 MacArthur Fellow!

Basic Religion Test Stumps Many Americans and Want to know about religion? Go to your local atheist, not your priest

Cordelia Fine and the Delusions of Gender

He’s baaaack — Stuart Pivar hasn’t learned a thing

Obama in Command: The Rolling Stone Interview

How Smokers Think about Death

Conference remembers Henrietta Lacks as ‘unsung hero of modern medicine’

Baby fish show up in big numbers despite Gulf of Mexico oil spill (with video, photos)

The Key to Success for Women in Science is Not Men but They Can Help

Radiohead Contemplates Digital Realities — Parallels for STM Publishing


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