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Berry Go Round coming in about an hour. Sit tight. Keep yourself amused with these links in the meantime:

Census of the Science Blogosphere 2000 to 2010

On becoming Birkin and letting go of Gainsbourg

The antisocial movie

Neurophysiology of Attraction, Sex & Love – The Scicurious Mixtape

Pregnant European eelpout fish suckles young embryos

Squirrels masturbate to avoid sexually transmitted infections and The Adaptive Function of Masturbation in a Promiscuous African Ground Squirrel

So crappy it is awesome: Paper from Poo

Four types of scientists

Electroshocking for fish at the Kingston Coal-Ash Spill Site

What I heard about community news at Block by Block and bxb2010: Recorded Sessions & Conversations

Introducing… Sleeping with the Fishes!

Was Darwin a Punk? A Q&A with Punker-Paleontologist Greg Graffin

How and Why Chromosome Inversions Evolve

Clever Cattle Parasite Captures Cell Division Machinery

Sunbather Singed by Shiny Hotel’s Reflected “Death Rays”

Sarah Palin’s FlatEarth.tv

Atheists! Think you know more about religion than the faithful?

Our Ancient Ancestors Didn’t Like It Hot

Northern Lights Go Dim

Collecting Monkey Dung, in Context

Warnings About Discounted Pet Drugs

Soda’s Spicy Secret

Ancient Virus Found Hiding Out in Finch Genome

Why did Raleigh N&O publish this crap?! Technology blogger describes RTP as ‘backwater’. Heck, you can just start with this calendar and go from there, perhaps ask some people…..urgh!

TerraVITA Food & Wine Event – Southern Village, Chapel Hill, 10/16/10

This seal was declared extinct in 1892. So what is it doing alive and well today?

Aviation Authorities Prepare for Space Tourism

Eight criteria for a Journal of the Future

Aristotle on Household Robots

Encephalon: It’s come back to life!

The Criminalized Body III: Punishing the Soul: The Ignoble Body and its Status of Honour

Around the web: evolution!

Why Pain Cannot be a “Vital Sign”

Cautious celebration and deep concern – renewable energy standard on the Hill

Faculty, librarians and student research skills: are we on parallel paths?

Veterinary fact of the day: measuring the scrotal circumference of a bull

PowerPoint posters: Don’t turn away for even a second

Autumnal parasites

Taxonomic tidbit: parabasalids and strippers

The Oxford Camel is Just Plain Cheating and Maybe all the camels are wrong

The Cretaceous birds and pterosaurs of Cornet: part II, the pterosaurs

Diagrams that make me cry, part LargeNumber

Veterinary fact of the day: Itchy dogs


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