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Saturday, full of cool stories:

Wikileaks: Iraq war logs and Wikileaks Iraq war logs: every death mapped and Will the Internet be regulated? (check comments for good rebuttals) and Julian Assange WALKS OUT Of CNN Interview (VIDEO).

The Moth, the Bat and the Mercury Vapor Lamp

SNL Classic, on Bloodletting and Barbarism

Speakers with a foreign accent are perceived as less credible – and not just because of prejudice

But I Didn’t Cut and Paste Text!

The Onion and insect taxonomy

Parasite of the Day: Lophoura brevicollum

Seeing Ourselves: (Mis)Representations of Girls and Women on Television

Tom & Lorenzo’s Feminist Critique of a Glee Photo Spread and Glee for GQ Magazine

Is Organized Crime Cashing In at Pompeii?

Viruses and vampires

Tuna and mercury poisoning

When a Cigar Is Just a Cigar: Psychoanalyzing the GOP’s Flourishing Climate Skepticism

Is Americans’ Climate Ignorance a Tragedy or an Opportunity?

Wolverine: Climate warming threatens comeback

Hey! Who Can Explain What India Does With Its Commas? (Not Commies. Commas.)

There are more things in heaven and earth, cobber, than are dreamt of in your philosophy

Butterfly, heal thyself! (Or thy kids, anyway.)

When public fury and fear start calling the shots

Metrics and Money

Aging and Transportation

How many species concepts are there?

Can History and Philosophy of Science be Applied in Socially Relevant Ways?

Planet Earth through Disney’s Lens

Have No Fear, Food Allergy Prevention is Here!

Fireflies Light Up Hope for Coronary Heart Disease Patients

What poster viewers are thinking

So how can we make things better for dairy cows?

On becoming a vet student: career changes

Number Needed to Ban: a new tool for calculating the benefits of banning particular dog breeds

Persuasion: 10 Unusual Influencers and The Persuasive Power of Swearing

You Read It Here First…Again

Here We Go Again: BDNF Gating of Cocaine Use

Miasma blows again

Personality and disease transmission

Of Dolls and Murder

The Varieties Of Intimate Relationship

Car-Cycle Rack: Reclaiming Parking Space for Bikes

Braille Alphabet Bracelet Wins 2010 People’s Design Award

Bad Math in Movies!?


Molecule of the Month (cartoon)

The Matthew Effect Strikes Again

It’s the Friday Puzzle!

History of Paleomammology: The Taphonomy of Hoplitomeryx

Is It Time for a Social Media Vacation?

Scott’s Second Law of Comic Book Medicine

Prenatal Vitamins. Necessary? Sufficient? Safe?

Around the web: childhood

Foot Notes

Vintage Dinosaur Art: The Gishosaurs

Pouches, pockets and sacs in the heads, necks and chests of mammals, part III: baleen whales

Transportation Efficiency – Energy is Urgent

Menopause as an evolutionary strategy

New NIH scoring system for 2011

Kids and drugs: difficulty with definitions.

What Are You Going to Do With That?

How to Get Unfriended on Facebook

Mystery Micrograph #25

Extracurricular Activities May Increase Likelihood of Voting

70% of Stocks Are Held for Eleven Seconds: Nice Efficient Markets Hypothesis Ya Got There

Sex and Money on the Brain

Fungus vs. Hymenoptera (the honey bee edition)

Why dont we just leave it to antimicrobials?

When in doubt, shout? maybe, but not so fast.

Electric Fish “Plug in” and Turn Their Zapping Into Music

The future is now, but more so

You’re Wrong

The Press Releases: An ongoing dilemma

What will space tourism mean for climate change?

Is Warp Speed Possible?

The Flooded Earth

British Chemists Hacked Off By Government’s “Lazy Stereotype”

The Druid Network

It’s Like Match.com for Waste

Prehistoric Monster Movie: The Mighty Gorga (1969)

The State of Liberalism

In Kansas, Climate Skeptics Embrace Cleaner Energy

6.43 times more French films than Hollywood films can pass The Bechtel Test

The things he carried

Effect and Cause

All we want is some simple sanity!

The Real Reason for Tea Parties


The Rare Mountain Mammoth

Cities: Building the best cities for science

NPR Defends Firing Williams as Criticism Mounts (Jay Rosen: “Proof that culture war rots your mind: “long time viewers” of NPR threaten to “stop watching” after Juan Willams got fired”)


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