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Today’s carnivals

I and the Bird #93: The Compelling Nature of Birds – now up on Vickie Henderson Art
The latest Change of Shift: Welcome to The Fishbowl is up on Digital Doorway

Yes!!! Circus of the Spineless is Alive Again!

Hop over to The Other 95% and dig into all the invertebrate bloggy goodness!

Brand spankin’ new carnivals!

Carnival of the Arid #1 is up on Coyote Crossing. Get all your deserted bloggy goodness all in one place.
A new carnival is in the making – Diversity in Science – covering the minorities in science and engineering. February being the Black History Month, the inaugural edition of the carnival will have a special focus on African American experience in the world of science. Deadline is Friday, February 20th. DNLee will host the first edition on Tuesday, February 24.

Circus of the Spineless – call for submissions

Circus of the Spineless is back! Under the new management of Kevin Zelnio, this lovely carnival will re-start this month.
The next edition will be this Monday, February 2nd, on The Other 95% so send in your entries (kzelnio at gmail dot com) on all things invertebrate, anything carnival-worthy that you have written since August 2008!

Today’s carnivals

Berry Go Round #13 is up on Watching the World Wake Up

Today’s carnivals

104th Skeptics’ Circle: The Skepticism Review and Education Program Edition…..is up on Space City Skeptics
Carnival of the Liberals #83: Obacalypse Edition is up on And Doctor Biobrain’s Response Is…

Today’s carnivals

Grand Rounds, totally Babelicious! Vol. 5 No. 19, are up on ChronicBabe
Carnival of the Green # 164! is up on GetWithGreen
The 161st Carnival of Homeschooling is up on Life on the Road

Today’s carnivals

Carnival of Space #87 is up on The Martian Chronicles
Friday Ark #227 is up on Modulator

Today’s carnivals

I and the Bird #92 is up on The Marvelous in Nature
Change of Shift: Vol. 3, Number Fifteen is up on Emergiblog

Today’s carnivals

Hourglass VII, the monthly carnival of the biology of aging, is up at brain health hacks
Grand Rounds 5:18: Ten Suggestions For Healthcare Reform, hosted by Dr.Val, now available on MedPage Today

Today’s carnivals

The Giants’ Shoulders #7 is up on The Questionable Authority
Encephalon #62 is up on The Mouse Trap
Gene Genie #42 is up on Genetic Future
Friday Ark #226 is up on Modulator
Carnival of the Green #163 is up on SustainaBee

Praxis Blog Carnival – Your Graduate Guide To Succeeding In 2009

Praxis #6 is up on Podblack Cat

Today’s carnivals

Four Stone Hearth (58th Edition) is up on Moneduloides
Skeptics’ Circle #103 is up on Bug Girl’s Blog

Today’s carnivals

Carnival of the Liberals # 82 is up on Accidental Blogger
The 159th Carnival of Homeschooling is up on Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog

Today’s carnivals (and calls for submissions)

The next edition of Praxis will be on January 15th 2009, at the Pod Black Cat.
There are only 2 days left until the deadline for the 7th edition of The Giant’s Shoulders, to be held at The Questionable Authority.
Next Carnival of the Liberals will be on Accidental Blogger tomorrow, but you still have a couple of hours left until the submission deadline.
And in the meantime, check out Carnival of the Green #162 now up on Teensy Green and the latest Grand Rounds Vol. 5 No. 17 up on In Sickness & In Health.

Carnival of the Arid – call for submissions

Did you know that the largest desert on Earth is Antarctica? And the second largest is Arctic? And only then comes Sahara!
Well, I knew that because Hal Heathwole taught a Desert Ecology course that many of my buddies in grad school took. But if you don’t believe me, check out the Wikipedia page about deserts.
And then, don’t stop at that. Do you have a blog? If not, start one. If yes, sit down and write a post about a desert. Then send it to the very first edition of the Carnival of the Arid:

Submissions should have something to do with a desert somewhere in the world. (If you’re not sure whether your work is desert-related, check out this definition at Wikipedia, and if you’re still not sure, send it in anyway.) Submissions can be scientific in nature, or history, or travelog. Images are welcome, photographic or otherwise. Discussions of culture and politics are welcome if they’re desert-related. The one restriction, other than geographical, is that — at least when I’m compiling it — paeans to destroying the desert probably won’t make it. (Developers and ORVers take note.) Paeans to preserving or protecting the desert are fine, as are alerts of current pressing issues.

If you are not sure about participating in a carnival, read this first. Then tune in on Saturday for the session Blog carnivals: why you should participate at ScienceOnline’09 and you may change your mind.