Who is Eva Vertes?

I have linked to and posted pictures of Eva Vertes from SciFoo before and you may ask: “Who is she? Why was she invited there?” The Wikipedia page I linked to earlier is a short stub and full of errors. So, to make it clear, see this page as well as comments on this talk she gave two years ago when she was 17:

6 responses to “Who is Eva Vertes?

  1. Was this talk actually filmed at SciFoo? Either way, great and fascinating talk…, and it’s prob an undergrad! Very impressive.

  2. Nope, this is two years old. She was in high school!

  3. WOW! Thanks for this one! Very inspirational young lady!

  4. Fantastic talk, from a young lady who is going to go far and do some great things for mankind. I hope we have many more like her coming up in the furture

  5. Your math is off. She was 19 when she gave this talk two years ago.

  6. More bad info than bad math, really. Thank you for the correction.