DonorsChoose last call (this time for real)!

There is just a couple of more days left and my challenge is still at 50% (just 6 donors!) so I am panicking. There are several projects that are completely funded and several others that are still far away from the goal, but lots and lots of small donations can make it happen.
Every challenge that reaches its goal gets additional 10% from DonorsChoose. The chances of getting one of the Seed prizes, including the iPod Nano, are very, very good! Chances of getting a prize from me are even better! All the relevant information is here.
Just click here on the thermometer. Please! And this really will be my last call, I promise (I know you are sick of it). And just because tomorrow is the last day and the last time you can get prizes, does not mean you cannot donate later, when your paycheck comes in or some such event that makes you happy and solvent and in a sharing mood.
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Don’t forget to forward me your DonorsChoose receipts so I can send you prizes!

2 responses to “DonorsChoose last call (this time for real)!

  1. STOP BEGGING! You’re worse than PBS!

  2. And you’re worthless. Your comment serves no purpose. Perhaps some people appreciate quality blogs – you don’t need to pay attention when he’s asking for donations.