What is science’s rightful place?

This is the question that Seed is asking:

Restoring science to its rightful place in government and in society will be no simple task: it will demand fresh ideas, the engagement of America’s scientists and engineers, the re-engagement of the public, and the collaboration of other cultural and social communities. It will not happen overnight, but we will witness in 2009 a U-turn back to the future. History will call this the birth of our scientific renaissance.

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What is science’s rightful place?
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I am thinking about my own response, to be posted on this blog in the near future.

One response to “What is science’s rightful place?

  1. submitted!

    If science were in its rightful place,
    – Scientists would always be invited to say a few words before political events and ceremonies
    – There would be national holidays to celebrate great scientists and discoveries
    – Science equipment would be tax deductible
    – Scientists would get cool robes to wear in public
    – Scientists’ approval would be highly sought before beginning a war or other national undertaking