The Cooking Hypothesis of Human Evolution

The Food hypothesis of human evolution was developed by Richard Wrangham, author of “Catching Fire”. It was covered recently by my sciblings, including Erin, Razib and Ethan. It was also the topic on last week’s
But now, you can hear the interview with Wrangham on the World Science podcast, then go over to the forum and ask him questions. He’ll be checking in the forums and responding for the next week or so.
Then let me know what you thought about it – the topic, the podcast, the forum.
[Reminder that I serve as an outside advisor to World Science]
Update: Wow! I did not know that one of my SciBlings, Greg Laden is one of the co-authors of the Food Hypothesis – see the paper here – see also Greg’s posts about it, e.g., here.

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