Don’t Be a Sucker (video)

A 1947 movie made by the Department of War – as current today as it was then:

You can download the video or watch it bigger here.

2 responses to “Don’t Be a Sucker (video)

  1. A great video, that is still significant today.
    The problem I have with it is it tries to rewrite history by showing the catholic church in a heroic, persecuted, righteous light. That is far from the truth. The roman catholic church marched in lock step with the nazis before and long after war 2.
    A large majority of german were catholic. The RCC newspapers were the the only non- government paper aloud to stay in print during the nazis reign. The Vatican celebrated Hitlers birthday up to the end of the war.
    There is much more information available on this subject.

  2. Yes, the video contains some errors about things that came to light after 1947, but the main point remains, and it is still a powerful piece of art.