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I will be in NYC next three days. Not sure if the hotel has free wifi (cannot and will not pay) so online access may be sporadic. The trip is mostly work, but we’ll also have fun on Tuesday night, at 7pm – follow #NYCscitweetup hashtag on Twitter as we still need to figure out the location. If you are there and have time, join us.

Newsrooms vs. the Volcano – Eyjafjallajökull was the best observed eruption in history. Mainstream media ignored everything but pretty pictures. And Why I Blog: Erik Klemetti (Eruptions)

BBC alters link guidelines for online articles

Mystery Map, 1710

PalaeoNews 19/09/2010 – Chinese Whispers, the “humped” dinosaur and a whale wonder (video)

Dangerous Curves and Twisting light into a Möbius strip and How to Slice a Bagel into Two Linked Halves

Have thoughts about remixing content? Take a minute and answer a couple of questions

Open Notebook Science explained in 7 minutes (screencast)

Jenny Rohn’s – Science Is Vital Speech October 2010 (video)

How does chemotherapy work?

Of Shakespeare And The Second Law

The Allure of Bad Statistics: Gay Teen Suicides and Online Predators

On girls and science

Google Streetview Reaches Antarctica

The Web Grows Wider: Gates Foundation partnerships with the Guardian and ABC News further complicate global health coverage and How Ray Suarez Really Caught the Global Health Bug

Sheep + seaweed = strong, environmentally sound bricks

She’s ovulating

Most efficient wind farm layout is also the least disruptive

Study Shows That Life Can Thrive Over a Wide Range of Conditions; Implications for Extraterrestrial Life

Execution Strategy

Variations on whatshisname’s ideas

Why Gender is Important in Facebook

Terror Alerts vs Elections

eLEGS: Revolutionary Exoskeleton Helps the Paralyzed Walk

Solar Tree: Nissan’s Futuristic Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Big Bang Alternatives: Could my light just get tired?

Did ‘Whale Wars’ Leader Sink Boat for Publicity? and ‘Whale Wars’ Leader Responds on Boat Sinking

World’s Horniest Dinosaur Discovered

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Aliki Brandenberg

Awesome Neurosciency, Sciency itouch Apps

Dealing with delinquents in the 1920s

“Amphicoelias brontodiplodocus”: further thoughts and Can amateurs publish in palaeontology?


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GOP Gives Climate Science A Cold Shoulder

RTP area leverages its biotech strengths to become vaccine R&D hub

Energy Efficiency, Consumption and Carbon Pricing

“Hi, Thanks, And Goodbye”

New Variants of Science Communicator!

The Sound of the Automobile’s Future?

Terry Deacon, Relaxed Selection, and the Evolution of Language

Photo safari – lion’s mane jellyfish (in an amusing case of tangled tentacles)

1,000 participants at Pride Parade and Gay rights march in Belgrade triggers violent riots

KCBS Radio: A regular feature, Science Today. Better than nothin’

Pavlovsk’s potato problems

Men and Women Entrepreneurs: Not That Different

Walking with bacteria

Whooping cough in California: deaths caused by the anti-vaccination movement

Scientific misconduct and skepticgate

Shock Week


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