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A Funny Arsenic Smell Upstream — What questions is it fair to ask about squishy science? and Comments on Dr. Wolfe-Simon’s Response and Yet another reason why the Wolfe-Simon conclusion is so improbable and Arsenic and Old Wounds and Scientists and the News Media: Arsenic-Based Life Forms a Case Study? and Arsenic Bacteria 4: The Quest for Peace and Confused about Arsenic

Purpose in scientific research

Is the “decline effect” really so mysterious? and The slipperiness of empirical truth

Breaking? Study Finds Fox News Viewers Are The Most Misinformed and Survey: More Fox News, more climate doubts and Misinformation and the 2010 Election (PDF)

Imagining the Semantic Economy

Book Review: Here is a Human Being, by Misha Angrist

How readable is your writing? A quantitative assessment of science blog accessibility

Red Wolf Deaths Alarm Officials

Can RTP-based effort nip a Frankenwoods scare in the bud?

The worms within

New Measures of Scholarly Impact

Google Your Body: Body Browser

Author of the Day: David Dobbs and Author of the Day: David Kroll and Author of the Day: Carin Bondar

Science online, looking forward to #Scio11 edition

The power of the Pentatonic Scale

Mobile phone masts linked to mysterious spikes in births

Friday Weird Science: Feeling the Vaginal Pressure, the idea of “insuck”

Why Rivers Need to Flow — High and Low — Again

New Tool Tracks Culture Through the Centuries via Google Books and Database of Google Books shows the half-life of celebrity

A Facebook story: A mother’s joy and a family’s sorrow

Library of Congress Project Wins Preservation Award

Parasitic worms paint warning colours on their hosts using glowing bacteria

Dimming city lights may help reduce smog

Video Gamers Use as Much Energy as San Diego

Wolverines denied endangered species protection as climate change shrinks their habitat

10 Delicious Papers from 2010

Mobile Phones for Women: A New Approach for Social Welfare in the Developing World

Google ngrams: Rise and fall of Yugoslavia (see the Bosnia blip after 1914 Sarajevo assassination) and why some 1900-1910 books contain the word ‘internet’?

How NOT to Hashtag in Twitter

More copyright lawsuits filed over Review-Journal ‘death ray’ graphic

Make newspapers required reading…. LOL

Cory Doctorow’s Internet Problem – some questions

Can sleep deprivation help prevent post-traumatic stress disorder?

Carl interviews Hannah Waters, molecular biology lab tech & author of the blog, Culturing Science

Feministing Friday: Beauty or Brains what matters most in today’s dating scene?

Bite Me: An evolutionary case for cannibalism

This Week in Review: Taking sides on WikiLeaks, the iPad/print dilemma, and the new syndication

Bill Keller: WikiLeaks isn’t my kind of news org, but they have evolved

Jason Fry: A blow to content farms, Facebook’s continued growth, and the continued pull of the open web

DDoS attacks on the U.S. media, Twitter history searching, and a big blog deal: More predictions for 2011

Drunk Man Kills Shark by Jumping onto its Head andSharks Wary of Drunk Serbs

Dixonian future animals of Brussels

A three-step plan for changing the world

‘The Feedbacker’ Internet Application

The Truth About Holiday Weight Gain

PhDs around the world

Are you an undergrad? – interested in insects? $2000

Enough about dogs…who wouldn’t like to own a pygmy hippopotamus? They are pig-like and hippo-like with really cute offspring

The most reliable (and unreliable) blogging services on the Web

Why I’m Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange

A Bayesian Take on Julian Assange

Mind and brain bloggers: wanted for your data and Brain bloggers

PRI The World: When there’s more sickness than money …

Unleashing the power of 1100 suns

Sugar and spice and…salt? Molasses puts a sticky spin on road salt across the country

Long Wait May Be Over For Science Guidelines

How much would you pay for these handsome Tiki heads?

My heart grew three sizes and now I have an enlarged heart. WORTH IT.

At a Loss for Words: Modern Lessons From a Lost Language

Apparently The Internet Was Big In 1900

Chicago Tribune off balance on chronic Lyme disease – some serious curmudgeons in the comments – if a choice is between an MD with typos and a lyrical scribe, I’ll go with the MD for medical news.

On science blogs this week: Truth

Publishers take note: the iPad is altering the very concept of a ‘book’

Jay Rosen: The Year in PressThink: These are the Ten Best Things I Wrote in 2010.

How Twitter Users Changed in 2010

It’s Haeckel Time!

Beneath the Dead Sea, Scientists Are Drilling for Natural History

Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time

So You Want To Be A Freelancer?

Penguins “Cheat” to Stay Warm in Icy Waters

Strictly PhD dancing

A selective history of Blogs on Nature Network

SciCheer’s user-generated, home-made holiday cheer!

If someone handed you an article published in the Journal of Virology about the potential of RNA interference to cure diseases, would you understand it?

The Privilege Of Absurdity

America’s True History of Religious Tolerance

Towards a scientific concept of free will

iPads make inroads in Triangle schools

Bush on Bush

‘Tron Legacy’ illuminates cinema’s science story

Wikileaks and 21st Century Statecraft

“Marty’s report devastating blow to Kosovo”

Tea and Antipathy: Did principle or pragmatism start the American Revolution?

Active, Passive, Poppycock


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