This is hillarious. I need to try the cake one.
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  1. This is actually connected to the previous post…

  2. My name is Catherine Snow and i would like to show you my personal experience with Ambien.
    I have taken for 1 years. I am 57 years old. Works great if I take it on an empty stomach, and get right into bed. If you take it and try to keep yourself awake, you can override the pill and be up all night.
    Side Effects :
    I hope this information will be useful to others,
    Catherine Snow

  3. Thank you soooo much Catherine Snow. Ambien was a life saver for me when I first started taking it six months ago, but some nights I cannot sleep AT ALL. Last night was one of these nights, and I realize that I did not have an empty stomach when I took it and I did not go directly to bed after I took it. I stayed up for about 20-30 minutes. So, tonight I will change my ways and hope to sleep better.
    Thanks again!

  4. I love my Ambien, but I find it extremely addictive. Every night is a debate for me — Do I take it? Will I sleep if I don’t? What’s the least I can take? (Typical dose for me is 1/4 of a 10 mg pill. I am SUCH a lightweight.) Last fall I was forced by my insurance company to go off of it for awhile. I was like an addict begging for a fix, though it was probably a good thing. I was up to about 3/4 of a pill every night. But I do love my Ambien. I was so happy when my employer changed insurance companies.

  5. That is hilarious!!! I’ve been taking Ambien for years and I’ve just recently started “Ambien Blogging…” I always get a chuckly when I get up the next morning and read what I wrote the night before.

  6. bridgett wagner

    I know a lot of the blogs on here are funny but, ambein,seriously can kill. It has a memory blocking effect. you can do just about anything including suicide and not remember the next morning, that is if your alive, and your attempt failed. I would never take my life but while on ambein I almost killed myself twice!!!!!! scary! I dont take it anymore, Id rather live. Take heed ambein useres you could be next, god bless bridgett