The Bodies Exhibition is coming to The Streets at Southpoint in Durham.
My wife saw it last year in NYC. My daughter will probably be too squeamish for it, but I’ll try to get my son to come with me.
Once I go….well, it is certainly a bloggable event.

5 responses to “Bodies

  1. Why do you want to see dead Chinese who did not consent to being on public display?
    Donating a body to science is one thing, but Bodies Exhibit seems to have crossed the line between public spectacle and legitimate science.

  2. I have not heard about any controversy regarding the origin of the bodies on display. Do you have any links to relevant information?

  3. Just google Bodies Exhibition Chinese dead–you’ll see many articles.

  4. Not the same name but seems to be the same idea as the “body works” exhibit at Boston Museum of Science last fall…it was mobbed. I felt ready to take up a scalple by the time we got to the last exhibit. It is a very educational show. but try to find out which hours/days are less crowded. We could hardly elbow our way up to the glass case some times.

  5. I’ve seen Body Works. I was wondering what kind of effect it’ll have on me (after becoming mother and after my very dear person left this life, I became more sensitive than I used to be). Finally, taking kids there, I enjoyed more than them. That is above from what I expected and the only thing I didn’t like was the crowd. I don’t know how, but whoever was the preparator, managed to give dignity to the bodies exposed.
    I don’t know though if that is the expo you are telling about…