How many things are wrong with this study?

Here, have a go at it. Even better, if you can get the actual paper and dissect it on your blog, let me know so I can link to that. Have fun!
Good Behavior, Religiousness May Be Genetic:

A new study in Journal of Personality shows that selfless and social behavior is not purely a product of environment, specifically religious environment. After studying the behavior of adult twins, researchers found that, while altruistic behavior and religiousness tended to appear together, the correlation was due to both environmental and genetic factors.
According to study author Laura Koenig, the popular idea that religious individuals are more social and giving because of the behavioral mandates set for them is incorrect. “This study shows that religiousness occurs with these behaviors also because there are genes that predispose them to it.”
“There is, of course, no specific gene for religiousness, but individuals do have biological predispositions to behave in certain ways,” says Koenig. “The use of twins in the current study allowed for an investigation of the genetic and environmental influences on this type of behavior.”
This research is another example of the way that genes have an impact on behavior. “Society as a whole assumes that home environments have large impacts on behavior, but studies in behavior genetics are repeatedly showing that our behavior is also influenced by our genes,” says Koenig.

2 responses to “How many things are wrong with this study?

  1. So you haven’t read the study yourself, yet you’re sure there are multiple things wrong with it? I’m glad that liberals aren’t into denying science they don’t like.

  2. I am tentatively working under the assumption that the press release is accurately portraying the paper. If not, blast the press release. If yes, blast the paper because it is total BS.
    I don’t have time to review every paper (have you seen my recent post about reading papers and how much time and effort goes into it?) and I’d rather spread the link love to someone whose experitise is better suited to blasting this thing out of the water.