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President Maddow’s Fake Oval Office Address on BP Oil Spill & Energy (video)

In response to President Obama’s Oval Office Address on BP Oil Spill & Energy:

Deepwater Horizon oil spill interrupted bluefin tuna spawning

According to a new paper showing temporal and spatial patterns of migratory routes and spawning grounds of bluefin tuna, they were in the Gulf of Mexico spawning at the moment the oil well exploded and all that oil started gushing out (and then dispersed with toxic chemicals).
Nobody is fishing there now, and no professional media or amateur reporting or photography are allowed, but I am assuming some of the radiotransmitters in some of the individuals may still be operational and that data from the area, during the spill, will become available in the future.

Whaling – Politics, Science & Ethics

The new forum at PRI World Science:

Listen to a story by reporter Eric Niiler, followed by our interview with Stephen Palumbi.
Our guest in the Science Forum is marine biologist Stephen Palumbi of Stanford University. He uses genetics to study whale populations.
The International Whaling Commission is considering legalizing commercial whaling by some countries, but at a very limited scale. Palumbi says that the current proposal would fail to protect endangered whale species.
You can ask Palumbi your own questions. Join the conversation. It’s just to the right.
* Do you think all whaling should be banned? Why?
* What role can lay citizens play in conserving whales?
* How can modern genetic techniques be used to crack down on whale smuggling?

Save the Panda (video)

Amateur Video Of Gulf Oil Slick – Worse Than BP Admits


Beautiful Antarctica feature on BoingBoing

Maggie Koerth-Baker, who I finally met in person at AAAS meeting, just designed an amazing feature on BoingBoing – the Antarctica:

It’s about the Antarctic Geospatial Information Center, a group of researchers based at the University of Minnesota who do the information processing and visualization that makes other research on the Frozen Continent possible. The story features some great details about life in Antarctica and tons of photos taken by the AGIC crew.
Quick fun fact: Do you know how researchers use satellite images to find packs of penguins? Turns out, they look for huge smears of brownish-red penguin poop across the white landscape.

It is wide – scroll the page left and right, not just up and down. Look at the amazing pictures, and read the long comment thread at the bottom.

Environmentally friendly chico bags

We bought a couple of these recently and use them for all our grocery shopping. They are environmentally friendly, strong chico bags, tiny when wrapped up (and easy to wrap up) and large when opened up:
chico bag.jpg
Conflict of Interest: this is Bride of Coturnix’s store (look around for other items). Every item sold puts money in our joint account. Which is good for me as I am owing tons in taxes…..