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Sleep Number Bed?

Adjust your sleep number for the best performance! Or, what does your sleep number say about your performance?

Friday Weird Sex Blogging – Sensory Neuroscience

In a time-crunch like this, one can always count on Buzz Skyline to save the day…..

FemiBlogging of the Week, Month, Year and Forever

The 29th Carnival of Feminists is up on The imponderabilia of actual life containing posts by several of my favourite bloggers, including Zuska who has her own pick of favourites there.
Speaking of Zuska, she also has a cool article in the inaugural issue of the new science-culture Inkling Magazine, the brainchild of the magnificent blogging Trio Fantasticus of Inkycircus.
And while we are on the topic, Razib exhibits a complete lack of sense of irony, i.e., the inability to see sarcasm and seeing seriousness instead.


If Buzz Skyline was my physics teacher back in high school, and taught lessons like this one (reading aloud NSFW, silent reading is OK), I’d be a physicist today, not biologist.

Why do we have sex?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Physics of Oscillations and the Choice of the Just-Right Bed Mattress

This does not have much to do with circadian oscillations, or even the daily rhythms of human mating, but a much faster rhythm of human mating – you know what I’m talking about…
The fascinating new blog, The Physics of Sex, explains the physics in great detail and gives you ideas for your own home science experiments.

Names of Reproductive Organs Used as Insults!

Neil’s attitude towards vaginas is very positive.
Lindsay asserts that swearing is a fascinating philosophical topic.
Amanda debunks the old tired counter-arguments.
And many, many comments on all three threads will keep you busy for a while. Mind you, considering the topic, the language in those posts is NOT safe for work (or your work may not be safe for it, in which case you should quit).

Biophilia? Not what E.O.Wilson had in mind!

Love for animals, even the dead ones, can sometimes go too far, dontcha think?

Israel to recongize gay marriage

If I understood this correctly. Can someone explain what the procedure may be in Israel?

Does getting scared lead to (better) sex?

Dr.Petra looks at studies that suggest this, and links to her old Halloween post on the related subject…

But HOW do they do it?

Bird Moms Manipulate Birth Order To Protect Sons:

Since 2002, Badyaev, Oh and their colleagues have been intensively documenting the lives of a population of house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) on the UA campus.
Throughout the year, the researchers capture birds several times a week to band and measure them and to take DNA and hormone samples. During the breeding season, the researchers locate the nests, keep track of activity in the nest, follow nestling growth and development, and take DNA samples from the chicks.
The researchers have also been counting the numbers of mites on the birds and documented a seasonal pattern. When breeding starts in February, the mites are absent. As winter turns to spring, mites start showing up on the adult females, in their nests and on their nestlings. The exact timing depends on the year.
Mites can kill nestlings.
“When it is safer inside the nest than outside, then there’s no need for young to leave the nest until growth is complete, but when mortality risk of staying in the nest is great, chicks need to complete their growth fast and get out as soon as they can,” Badyaev said. “What should a mother do in the face of shifting mortality risk?”
“To leave the nests sooner and still survive outside of nests, the kids need to grow faster,” Badyaev said. “But the mechanisms which regulate nestling growth in relation to changing mortality were not known.”
So the researchers looked to see how finch moms changed their child-rearing strategy so as to always do best by their kids.
The birds lay one egg per day. To successfully raise baby finches in the presence of mites, the mothers altered the order in which male and female eggs were laid.
When mites were absent, the chances of any particular egg being male or female were even. But once mites came into the picture, the mothers laid female eggs first and male eggs last.
Males that grew during mite season did more of their development in the egg before hatching. Their mothers accelerated their sons’ growth, both in the egg and after they hatched.
“Mothers essentially hid their sons in the eggs,” Badyaev said.
It’s remarkable that the fledglings have such similar morphology with or without mites, he said. “Mothers did that by modifying the order of laying of male and female eggs and the pattern of their growth.”

This is cool ecology and evolution. But where is the physiology, i.e., the mechanism of birth-order of sexes?

A new meaning of ‘having a buzz’

A new meaning of 'having a buzz'This strange November 09, 2005 post should really be posted on Friday as part of the Friday Weird Sex Blogging….

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The Homunculus

Amanda makes a correct connection between preformationism of old and the anti-abortion ideology of today. The only thing missing is the connection of both to Dawkinsian genocentrism which is just preformationism with modern rhetoric of DNA and genes and “blueprints of life”. The history of the war between epigenetics and preformationism and, within preformationism, between spermists and ovists is masterfully covered in Clara Pinto-Corriea’s book Ovary of Eve.

“Boy, this is going to be hard…”

…and it will stay hard for another 4 hours.
[That is Friday Weird Sex Blogging for this week….]

Friday Weird Sex Blogging – Cooling The Balls


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They think that sex is yucky so they don’t want us to enjoy it

They think that sex is yucky so they don't want us to enjoy it
From January 15, 2006, another good book….

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While we are on the topic of marriage…

Read this great post by Amanda (who’s really been on the roll lately): Weddings and fear

Stephanie Coontz On Marriage

Stephanie Coontz On Marriage You probably know that I am quite interested in the history, current state, evolution and future of the institution of marriage, mainly because it is an important indicator of societal attitudes towards sex and towards gender-relations, which is the key to understanding political ideology. Between May 29, 2005 and February 23, 2006 I frequently mentioned Stephanie Coontz and particularly her latest book – Marriage, A History, e.g., in New History Of Marriage, Stephanie Coontz On Marriage, Op-Ed on the ‘End of Marriage’, Don’t Know Much About History…. and What ‘traditional’ marriage?. Amanda of Pandagon also wrote two good posts about it: Nothing to it and How to save your marriage (or at least give it a fighting chance). While I never really reviewed the book, here is a post with some thoughts and several good links to other people’s reviews as well as her own articles:

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Books: “The Good Father: On Men, Masculinity, and Life in the Family” by Mark O’Connel

The Good FatherIt is great when you write a blog post about somebody, then that somebody shows up in the comments and clarifies his position thus starting an interesting conversation (both in the comments and via e-mail), then you realize that his book-signing tour is bringing that somebody to your town, so you go there and meet that somebody in person and have a great conversation, which inspires you to write yet another blog post – the one under the fold….

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Books: “The Sex Lives Of Teenagers” by Lynn Ponton

After hearing Lynn Ponton on the radio and subsequently writing this, I read her book and wrote a brief comment about it (originally on June 14, 2005):
I recently finished reading The Sex Lives of Teenagers by Lynn Ponton. This interview is probably the best introduction to the book.
As parent of soon-to-be teens, I found the book useful to some extent. It is a series of case-studies – the kind of chatty book so often written by psychologists – a format that makes it easy to read, but leaves one deeply unsatisfied.
My interest is in sexuality of American society and how it affects politics. This book is not it – it rarely, and very obliquely touches on the broader culture. After being impressed with Dr.Ponton when I heard her talk on the radio, I was expecting and hoping for an academic read, full of statistics, and focusing on the Big Picture. I hope she writes one. Soon.

Books: “The Wimp Factor: Gender Gaps, Holy Wars, and the Politics of Anxious Masculinity” by Stephen J. Ducat

 FemiphobiaThis is not a real review – I never got to writing it – but it is about a book I mention quite often in my blog posts and think is one of the most insightful about the conservative mindset. Written originally on October 21, 2004:

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Raising AIDS awareness, using different kinds of talent…

It’s a big AIDS week here and I hope you are checking the AIDS at 25 special blog here on There is a lot of good information and opinion there. And then, sometimes there is some fun. Like this one, for instance, which look almost elegant compared to the one under the fold….

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Another case of Evo-Psych abuse…

Have you heard about the stupid German study that uses evo-psych Just-So-Stories about, supposedly, women losing interest in sex shortly after marriage?
I wanted to dissect it when it first came out but Real Life and time-constraints prevented me. In the meantime, Dr.Petra, Shakespeare’s Sister, Amanda and Echidne ably debunked and destroyed the study and the media reporting on it, so I don’t have to do anything but link to them.

Plan B Prevents Abortion!

First, go to Well-timed Period and Pharyngula to get all the neccessary information about Plan B, what it is, what it isn’t, and how it works. Then go to Bitch PhD and buy a T-shirt (for which you need to know what you are talking about because you WILL be asked).

Obligatory Readings of the Day – more on Conservatives…

In Jeebus can’t see through the walls of the Ramada, Amanda adds some excellent commentary on my guest-post over on Echidne.
I know I have already linked to Cracks In The Wall, Part I: Defining the Authoritarian Personality yesterday, but here it is again if you missed it, especially now that Cracks In The Wall, Part II: Listening to the Leavers is also up. Very worth reading.

Friday Weird Sex Blogging – The Giant Stinkin’ Phallus!

Well, this Friday Weird Sex Blogging is not going to be so unique. After all, Janet and Zuzu have already blogged about it, but who can resist a phallic-looking, rotten-meat smelling, fly-attracting flower! And it is not a B-grade movie on the sci-fi channel. This is real! The Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum), in all its 3m tall glory is about to start stinking up the greenhouse at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (follow the flowering on the blog or watch the flowering web-cam here) :

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Coturnix on Sex, part II – The Hooters Conundrum

My second guest-blogging post on Echidne Of The Snakes, about the potential to have Hooters fund some breast cancer research. Purposefully written to provoke. Cross-posted under the fold…

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Coturnix on Sex, part I – Blogging in the nude

My first post guest-blogging on Echidne Of The Snakes, cross-posted under the fold.

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What a minefield of correlations not being causations!

Sexual Lyrics Prompt Teens to Have Sex:

Teens whose iPods are full of music with raunchy, sexual lyrics start having sex sooner than those who prefer other songs, a study found.
Whether it’s hip-hop, rap, pop or rock, much of popular music aimed at teens contains sexual overtones. Its influence on their behavior appears to depend on how the sex is portrayed, researchers found.

The article does point out skepticism by a couple of other researchers, but the title and the lede suggest that they’d prefer the readers to ignore the skepticism.

Try Wagner…or My Sharona…

…and you’ll never think about them the same way again. This is the ultimate science-fiction-come-true gadget (pun intended).
How about a “Guess the Song” game with the iPod swicthed to ‘mute’?

Obligatory Reading of the Day

A three-fer from Echidne:
Divorce — Preparing For Travels in Wingnuttia
Christian Lady Blogging — Part One Of Travels in Wingnuttia
Divorce: Part Two of Travels in Wingnuttia

Opening the can of worms – blogging politics again

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about one of my pet topics – the way the changes in the society are resulting in the change in attitudes towards sex and gender, and the change in the institution of marriage, and how it all relates to politics of the moment.
I’ve been playing it pretty carefully since my move here to SEED scienceblogs, not firing away with my biggest artillery yet. I want to get back there again, gradually, so this is going to be just a summary and an opportunity to get you to read some of my older stuff to see where I stand. It is a also a test balloon to see how the new, expanded readership will respond to my political rants. Hopefully, this will get a lot of comments as well, and not all of them screaming insults at me:

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Plan B

Connect The Dots. Will they ever do anything if not for political reasons? Health? They don’t care… Approval of a Bush appointee? Sure, let’s sign what needs to be signed….

What happens in bed, stays in bed

Men’s sleep apnea found alongside erectile problems:

Men who are sound sleepers have better sex lives.
A study published in a recent edition of Urology says men who suffer from sleep apnea syndrome also suffer a high rate of erectile dysfunction.
One theory, Dr. Atwood said, suggests that sleep apnea disrupts rapid-eye-movement or REM sleep — a time when men routinely experience erections. Decreased REM sleep means fewer REM erections.
The possibility exists, he said, that REM erections are a necessary process for men to maintain healthy sexual function.

(Hat-tip: Insulin Resistance)

Friday Weird Sex Blogging – Losing Your Head For Love

As always, animal porn is under the fold:

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Why does Media have to screw up everything it touches?

Including screwing with the people who touch themselves for a charitable cause:

“Overall I think a well-intentioned event has been hijacked by a corporation who don’t really care if we have good sex and enjoy masturbation, but just want more viewing figures. I hope people do join in and support the event, but I worry that it’ll invite more sex-negative discussions than stories that encourage masturbation.
The masturbate-a-thon most certainly has had more coverage in one day than it’s got in the past five years that it’s been running. Call me old fashioned, but I preferred it when it truly was about pleasure, education, activism and ‘coming for a cause’. Not as a replacement in Channel 4’s schedule once Big Brother’s finished.”

Read the rest, of course…

Perhaps I should tell my brother to wait…

Apparently, it’s not over until it’s over. The removal of the cohabitation law I wrote about yesterday may apply only to a few people in NC, not the whole state: Cohabitation law ruling doesn’t apply statewide:

Legal experts said Friday that a Superior Court judge declaring a law that makes it a crime for unmarried couples to live together unconstitutional doesn’t apply statewide.
Judge Ben Alford’s ruling affects only those involved in the litigation: the Pender County Sheriff’s Office, Pender County Sheriff Carson Smith, Ben David, the district attorney in Pender and New Hanover counties, and N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper. A 1A story Friday reported that the judge’s ruling applied statewide. But the ruling would have a statewide impact only if it were upheld on appeal.
The scholars say law enforcement officers and district attorneys elsewhere in the state still could prosecute couples living together out of wedlock.
“It’s not until it gets up to the Court of Appeals that it applies statewide,” said Dan Pollitt, a constitutional law professor at UNC-Chapel Hill.
What also complicates the matter is that Alford has yet to sign a final order, which will include an injunction. What that injunction will say is still unknown, and the lawyers who are drafting the injunction will not talk about it.
“The official order has not yet been issued by the judge, so we really can’t comment on the specifics of what it might or might not do,” Jennifer Rudinger, state executive director of the ACLU, said in a statement Friday.

Friday Weird Sex Blogging – Deepest Lovin’

According to the referrers pages of my Sitemeter, a lot of you are excited by strange penises, strange penises, strange penises and strange penises (or something like it). So, today we have to move to a different topic, traffic-be-damned, for those without phallic fixations. So, read on….

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So I can invite my brother to stay with me for a couple of weeks now….

Judge rules against cohabitation law:

“Those of you shacking up, have no fear: A judge has thrown out a 201-year-old North Carolina law making it illegal for unmarried couples to live together.”
“I am absolutely thrilled with the court’s decision,” Hobbs, 41, said in a statement. “I just didn’t think it was any of my employer’s business whether I was married or not, as long as I was good at my job, and I am happy that no one else will ever have to be subjected to this law. I couldn’t believe that I was being given this ultimatum to choose between my boyfriend or my livelihood because the sheriff was enforcing a 201-year-old law that clearly violates my civil rights.”

Of course, they had to then, for “balance” interview a local co-habitant of a spiky dildo:

Others were less thrilled. “I think it’s terrible,” said the Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina.
“It was simply judicial activism at its best. That knocked down the law that is a cornerstone of state marriage policy. The law emphasizes that marriage is the family structure that ought to be encouraged because that is the best institution for family, children and society.”
“What the judge actually did was undermine marriage,” said Creech, who cited studies that concluded that those who live together first before marriage are less likely to stay married.

At least they finish with a piece of modern 21st century thinking:

“The Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas stands for the proposition that the government has no business regulating relationships between two consenting adults in the privacy of their own home,” said Jennifer Rudinger, executive director of the ACLU of North Carolina, which represented Hobbs. “North Carolina’s cohabitation law is not only patently unconstitutional, but the idea that the government would criminalize people’s choice to live together out of wedlock in this day and age defies logic and common sense.”

More On Female Orgasm

More On Female OrgasmEvolution of Female Orgasm is one of the ever-recurring themes on blogs. This post was first written on June 13, 2005. There were several follow-ups as well, e.g.,
here, here and here. Under the fold.

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Naturalness of being gay

Over the last couple of days, there was an interesting exchange of blogposts about the “naturalness” of sex, gender identification and sexual orientation. It is also an excellent example of the need to actually read what other people have written before jumping into the fray with knee-jerk responses. So, actually, READ all these posts before making any comments:
Jessica: Uterus: The Gaymaker
Chris: Essentialized Social Categories I: Gender Essentialism
Janet: Why I have no interest in any possible biological bases for homosexuality
Greensmile: You can’t say ‘Gay is OK’…
Benjamin: Homosexuality, philosophically speaking…with some Foucault for good measure
Chris: Homosexuality, Essentialism, and The Ethics of Science
Janet: Biological knowledge and what humans value
Pam: NC County GOP head: being gay ‘as natural as pedophilia’
Pam: Guilford GOP chairman says his gays=pedophiles comments were ‘out of context’
Pam: More heat for Mr. GOP ‘gays=pedophiles’
Ed: Kindled
Amanda: Why is your femininity fighting with your womanhood?
Greensmile: Organic Behavior, No Fault Identities
Janet: Boredom, sensationalism, and toxic idiocy: Is there any good way to talk about science with non-scientists?
Greensmile: Not everybody needs a frame to get the picture
So, if homosexuality is not natural, it must be supernatural. If it is not normal, it must be paranormal. Being gay then must be just like being telepathic. Or being gay means being specially created or intelligently designed. Perhaps gays are aliens or ghosts? What do you think?

Sex On The Brain (of the science reporters)

Sex On The Brain (of the science reporters)

Blogging on Peer-Reviewed Research

This post was a response to a decent (though not too exciting) study and the horrible media reporting on it. As the blogosphere focused on the press releases, I decided to look at the paper itself and see what it really says. It was first posted on August 09, 2005. Under the fold…

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What is the Future of the Institution of Marriage?

I often ask you to read several posts in succession and make your own connections. Here’s a line up of some old and some new posts about the history, current state (and cultural battle) and possible future of the institution of marriage:
First off, Lance Mannion wrote a couple of days ago on Polygamy, voyeurism, and other fun things to do on the weekend:

“…a lot of Right Wing America lives on the frontier between civilization and Trailer Park choas. The reason they are so terrrified by change and the prospect of sexual and personal freedom is that where they come from all those things are aftereffects of social breakdown.”

Richard Chappell wrote Open Relationships a few months ago:

“Armchair speculation (the most entertaining form of speculation, requiring only tenuous links to reality) leads me to wonder whether open relationships might be under-rated in our society.”

This really fits in the theme – is the institution of marriage going to lose its official institutionality, the way it is already happening in places like Sweden, Netherlands, etc., and become something much more private?
Oneman in The End of Marriage writes:

“Be that as it may, I think conservatives are right about one thing: if the institution of marriage is going to survive, it does need defending. Not because marriage is the only or best source of truly moral living, but precisely the opposite: marriage is increasingly irrelevant in modern society. In the absence of many good reasons for marriage to even exist, those who value it as a tradition are going to be more and more hard-pressed to perpetuate it.”

I disagree with his attempt to make correlations between marriage-types and life-styles, e.g., nomadic vs. stationary peoples (research by Stephanie Coontz and others found no such correlation), but the rest is fine. Notice a commenter from Sweden who has a completely different concept of marriage – he completely ignores the central point of the American marriage institution: the legal and religious aspects of it. In his world, cohabitation IS marriage.
Oneman also ends with:

“One final note: None of this is meant to belittle the efforts of same-sex marriage advocates to legalize marriage for all Americans regardless of sexual orientation. That battle has an importance quite distinct from the question of what marriage does or does not do in our society.”

I agree wholehartedly (which means I changed my mind since 2003 when I wrote some of my own posts linked below in which I thought that if marriage is on its way out why bother to have gays enter an obsolete institution at a high cost of the struggle). It is essential that we win the battle for gay marriage, so we can proceed to alter the whole insitution to fit the times.
What I think is missing from all of the above posts is a clear defnition of marriage (so the Swedes in comments do not get mixed up), and what recent developments are responsible for the change in the definition. I wrote about it a long time ago (ignore the wishy-washiness on gay marriage – I have changed my mind since I wrote that):
Definition, Semantics and Future of Marriage:

“The thousand provisions in various laws are not favoring just hetero- over homo-sexual marriage. It also favores a particular, narrowly defined type of relationship over all others, including over living alone. That narrow definition of marriage contains several criteria: 1) church-sanctioned, 2) state-sanctioned, 3) monogamous, 4) exclusive, 5) heterosexual, 6) fertile, 7) indefinite (till death do us part).
Vast increase in life-span, invention of contraceptives, cures for most STDs, gender equality, increasing secularity, as well as economic forces are making the 7 criteria obsolete, whether you like it or not.”

Since then, I have read the currently best book on the topic – Stephanie Coontz On Marriage. She analyzed many different types of marriage in many different cultures around the world and tracked their changes over time. Her one-liner summary is that marriage used to be about “getting the best in-laws” be it for land, money or social connections. In other words, in order to increase their own fitness, people have to provide for their grandchildren and they do it by carefully selecting the parents of the person who will marry their child and provide half of the provisioning for the grandkids.
According to Coontz, the so-called “traditional marriage” that conservatives are trying to defend these days existed only from 1945-1961 in the USA and 1947-1963 in Western Europe. It lasted a short time and vanished for a good reason – and good riddance! Coontz writes:

“Forget the fantasy of solving the challenges of modern personal life by re-institutionalizing marriage. In today’s climate of choice, many people’s choices do not involve marriage. We must recognize that there are healthy as well as unhealthy ways to be single or to be divorced, just as there are healthy and unhealthy ways to be married. We cannot afford to construct our social policies, our advice to our own children and even our own emotional expectations around the illusion that all commitments, sexual activities and care-giving will take place in a traditional marriage. That series has been canceled.
People will continue to marry, but it is too late to “defend” marriage; Coontz says flatly that it will never again be an important cultural institution. It strikes me that the strident debate about gay marriage masks a deep anxiety; it might well be a distraction from acknowledging the diminishing importance of marriage. Isn’t it ironic that those who now sentimentalize marriage are denied entry?”

In Hooked on Hooking Up, Or What’s Wrong With Conservative View Of Marriage I took an editorial by Stanley Kurtz and two editorials by William Raspberry as examples of what is wrong with the conservative “defense” of marriage:

“Yes, gay marriage and the evolution of straight marriage go hand-in-hand. But Kurtz is afraid of it, instead of celebrating it. This is yet another step in a long line of advances towards equality of sexes. First, women managed to win the battle for not being their husband’s property. Later, they won the right to own property. Choosing a husband, not paying dowry, divorcing , working outside the house, voting, taking contraception, having an abortion, running for office, …. those are all victories that women won over the past century or so, always against the screaming horror of conservatives who thought, at each of these junctures, that the fabric of the society is unravelling and that the End of the World will result from those immoral shameless practices.”

Finally, I think that marriage, gender-relationships and sex are the core of all politics, not just the Culture Wars:Book Review: George Lakoff ‘Moral Politics’ and E.J.Graff ‘What Is Marriage For?’:

“The history of marriage can be seen as a constant struggle between the two ideologies, one bent on keeping the moral authority of the white straight adult rich male, the other fighting for equality of all people. Every change in the definition of marriage was a blow to the conservative core model, and a victory for the liberal worldview. Giving women right to own property, granting legal equality, allowing contraception, or divorce, allowing inter-racial marriage and, currently, allowing same-sex marriage, are some of the stages of evolution of marriage, from a feudal economic arrangement designed for the strengthenig of the clan, towards marriage as a love relationship between two equal human beings.”

So, what do you think? How is the institution of marriage going to change over the next few decades? How should we prepare our children for such changes?

Friday Weird Sex Blogging – Corkscrewing

You really think I am going to put this above the fold? No way – you have to click:

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Books: “Evolution’s Rainbow” by Joan Roughgarden

Books: 'Evolution's Rainbow' by Joan RoughgardenI wrote this book review back on February 18, 2006. Under the fold…

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Friday Weird Sex Blogging – Penis Fencing

Penis_fencing_insemination.jpgSome flatworms, for instance these pretty Pseudobiceros hancockanus, engage in penis fencing. Both individuals are hermaphrodites, i.e., have both male and female organs. The penis is white, pointed and two-headed. Both individuals are trying to inseminate the other. The one who is inseminated has to bear and lay eggs – a more expensive proposition. The one who “won” the fencing bout and did the insemination can move on and fence some other guys and on and on, “fathering” many progeny until happenning onto a better fencer, getting inseminated, and spending the rest of the life as “mother”.

Sexsomnia Revisited

The article I linked to in my previous post on the topic of having sex while asleep (or is it ‘being sleep while having sex’?), e.g., the one I got pointed to by someone (e-mail?), is actually, quite terrible. So, instead, if you are interested in the topic, you should check out a much more serious website –, which focuses entirely on the phenomenon of sexsomnia.
I need to thank Karmen for pointing out that site to me. The site has extensive links to other sources of information, including links to all of Dr. Shapiro’s papers on the topic. For instance, this paper (pdf) appears much more trustworthy than the little online survey mentioned in the article I linked a few days ago.
On a less scientific, but perhaps more exciting note, you should check out the story of a woman whose boyfriend left her because of sexsomnia (masturbating in her sleep). And, since the original article mentioned potential legal consequences of sexsomnia (e.g., having sex with a minor), there was a case in Canada last year in which they found a man innocent of rape because he suffered from sexsomnia (the weird part is, he woke up with a condom on!)


Sex While Sleeping Is Real, And May Be No Joke
It is a tiny study but the preliminary results are intriguing. The article does not go much into underlying biology, but it touches on possible legal ramifications. If walking, eating or driving while asleep is possible, why not having sex? After all, you don’t even have to get out of bed. What do you think?

Friday Weird Sex Blogging

There is a tradition in the blogosphere of posting something light on Fridays.
Some people do the Friday Random Ten, but I do not have an iPod, and keep my computer on Mute, so I do not listen to music or can generated a random ten.
Most people post pictures of variousanimals, mostly cats, but I do not like doing what everyone else is doing. And once I’ve posted pictures of my cats (and I did, a couple of times, though never on a Friday), what’s the point of doing it again?
Some people got away from cats and pets and post pictures of cooler animals, like ants, or, well, ants. birds. Or birs on Monday. Or nudibranchs. Or cephalopods. Or plants. Or invasive species.
Some are moving away from living stuff altogether, with Friday Fractals or Organic People Chemistry or Sunday mineral blogging.
Update: Arrrrgh! How could I have forgotten
Friday Sprog Blogging and Map The Campus!
What can I do? How about something that is sure to bring in Google searchers?
That’s it. Every Friday, I’ll try to find an example of some cool organism involved in a strange reproductive practice. Today is the first such Friday. Enjoy….

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“…they’re just itching to get out!”

Back To The Woom is a blog that needs to get much more exposure. It is written by a very smart couple here in Raleigh, NC. The posts are always very thoughtfull and well-researched and the topics range from Ann Raynd to immigration, from capital punishment to harsh capitalism. Always worth your time to read (even if you disagree on a detail or two).
This time, I’d like to point your attention to the latest post – The moral majority is watching your inner child molester:

The implication is that, without the threat of eventual punishment at the hands of an omniscient cosmic dictator, many of us would just abandon all the ethical, social and juridical obligations that had hitherto constrained our behavior. Yep, God is all that keeps you from combusting into a terrible, murderous fury!

It describes what psychologists call the External Locus of Moral Authority. Go and check it out.