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On the @SciAm blogs today

Today on the blogs:

On the Guest Blog:

Book Review: The Future of Water by Matthew Garcia.

The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Natural Selection and Evolution, with a Key to Many Complicating Factors by Jeremy Yoder

On the Expeditions blog:

MSU China Paleontology Expedition: Rock Mapping a Challenge for Biology Student by Amanda Wregglesworth

Squid Studies: Changing Seas and Shrinking Squid


New posts on the @SciAm blogs

Two new posts this morning…

On the Guest Blog:

Stem rust Ug99 – The agricultural bully by Tiffany Stecker.

On the Expeditions blog:

Incredible find in temple museum, harrowing rescue on crumbly mudstone by Betsy Kruk

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New posts on the @SciAm blogs

Happy Father’s Day!

On the Guest Blog:

Good Dads and Not-So-Good Dads in the Animal Kingdom by David Manly and Lauren Reid.

See more about The Science of Fatherhood.

On the Expeditions blog:

MSU China Paleontology Expedition–Beautiful window serves as escape hatch for baby dinosaur by Betsy Kruk

Fossil hunting in China very different than in Montana by Ashley Poust

Squid Studies: Scientists Seeking and Savoring Squid by William Gilly

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New posts on @SciAm blogs

Plenty of interesting stuff on SciAm blogs today, something for everyone:

On the Guest Blog:

Too Hard for Science? Neutrinos from the Big Bang by Charles Q. Choi

On the Expeditions blog:

MSU China Paleontology Expedition–New season starts with division of egg duties, petrified trees, soybean Popsicles by Betsy Kruk

Squid Studies: Back to the Sea of Cortez by William Gilly

On Observations blog:

Leap Seconds May Hit a Speed Bump by Sophie Bushwick

On Extinction Countdown blog:

Arabian Oryx Makes History as First Species to Be Upgraded from “Extinct in the Wild” to “Vulnerable” by John Platt

On Bering in Mind blog:

Female Ejaculation: The Long Road To Non-Discovery by Jesse Bering

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New posts on the @SciAm blogs, including two on #arseniclife

There are two new blog posts on the #arseniclife saga on the Guest Blog today;

Rosie Redfield – From the shadows to the spotlight to the dustbin – the rise and fall of GFAJ-1

And Marie-Claire Shanahan – Arsenic bacteria have changed science…science education that is

Today, we are also starting a new trip on the Expeditions blog:

New Expedition – MSU student research with dinosaur eggs in China

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New posts on the @SciAm blogs

Since you last heard from me, there were two new posts on the Guest Blog:

The Power of Theory in Science by Ethan Siegel.

Linking Erosional and Depositional Landscapes by Brian Romans.

And we finished the ‘Problems Without Passports’ series of posts on the Expeditions blog:

Experiential Learning and Communicating by Jim Haw.

Thank you, Scientific Research Diving at USC Dornsife by me.

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Lots of cool stuff on the @sciam blogs today

First, two posts on the Guest Blog:

What bats, bombs, and sharks taught us about hearing by Bradley Voytek, includes old, rare, amazing footage from the original 1940s experiments that established that bats use echo-location!

Stranded whales on the Key Largo shore by Michelle Bialeck.

On Expeditions:

Problems Without Passports: Scientific Research Diving at USC Dornsife–Looking Ahead byDavid Ginsburg.

On Anecdotes from the Archive:

A Closer Look at New York City’s Tap Water Monsters

On Cross-Check:

Cool Science Classics for Summer Reading by John Horgan.

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